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Nir Galili CEO
Nir Galili

Brigadier General (res.) Nir Galili has been the CEO of Sonol since 2010.
Nir Galili’s achievements include:
  • Introducing an innovative and economical gasoline
  • Leading the entire fuel market in innovation (Onboard refueling vapor recovery system and payment applications)
  • Successfully introducing new products and services in the chain of convenience stores

In 2003-2010, Mr. Galili was CEO of Shlomo Holdings, a large listed capital market company with 1,300 employees and six subsidiaries. During his term at the company, he jointly founded an insurance company with Visa-ICC.
In 2001-2003, Mr. Galili was CEO of S. Shlomo Car Sales, after having been a partner in founding and developing the company, which became the largest company in Israel in the secondhand auto sales sector. He did his military service in 1973-2000, finishing his service with the rank of brigadier general. He holds an MBA and a BA in general history (both summa cum laude) from Tel Aviv University.
Mr. Galili’s special talents are his skills in founding, developing strategy, and managing companies, including knowledge of stock exchange offerings and capital raising as well as extensive experience in working with banks and other stakeholders in the capital market. Throughout his career, both in the IDF and the civilian market, Nir Galili has performed intensive tasks in difficult and dynamic surroundings under conditions of uncertainty.
From his many years in the IDF, Galili has brought with him the values of mission focus, determination, and persistence, together with knowledge and experience in managing complex operational tasks, careful planning and systematic coordination with many entities and with the involvement of many parties.
Nir grew up in a moshav (cooperative community) and has lived there all his life. He is a man of the land who likes to cook and is especially interested in wine. He engages in sports regularly and intensively, including running, fitness training, and cross-country cycling.

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