Sonol's Values

Sonol's Values

Through both its refueling compounds and the Sogood chain of convenience stores, as well as through its out-of-station array,with our subsidiary Sonol Gas,  Sonol will be the most desirable and highest-valued brand in Israel in the area of energy and road retail. In the spirit of its vision and with the cooperation of its workers, Sonol will give its customers an energetic experience before they get back on the road.

To achieve its goals, Sonol will provide the best energy products both in and outside its stations,to homes and Vehicles, as well as an optimal package of road consumer products, while serving its customers with a smile, and providing professional service in the easiest and most convenient way. This will turns Sonol's compounds to a chain of commercial "beauty spots"  that will increase loyalty among existing customers and draw new customers.

Excellence as a standard – as a retailer and energy service provider, Sonol commits to provide its customers with the best products and solutions. Many years of experience, alongside the highest level of professionalism, allow us to offer our customers the best in each area.

Total fairness – Sonol will act with the highest level of fairness in the market, toward both its workers and its customers. The foundations of Sonol's business attitude are based on the values of trust and partnership in the relationship we establish with the company's workers, customers and providers. Our workers and customers are our strategic partners, and we are therefore committed to fairness and transparency, with the goal of creating a longstanding relationship.

"Service with a Smile" – Sonol places service to each customer at the top priority. We believe that this attitude makes every customer enjoy a service with a smile. Service to our business partners and/or a stop at one of our many stations results in a pleasant experience

After visiting Sonol, you're as good as new! A lively, vibrant driver is a safe driver, and we take it upon ourselves to provide our customers with a place to freshen up towards the rest of the road.