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Gas stations nationwide

Sonol operates more than 230 large public filling stations, about 175 of them through the subsidiary "Sprint", as well as dozens of internal stations operated kibbutzim and moshavim. Computerized system installed at fleet fueling machine Dalkan Sonol. This system streamlines the process of its subscribers petrol station and shortens the time spent there, and gives the fleet manager control and surveillance comfortable and reliable.

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Sonol is one of the largest and leading Israeli companies in the oil manufacturing and marketing, lubrication materials, additives and complementary products sector. Sonol is also the supplier of fuel and oils for many factories in Israel. Sonol's fuel distribution terminal supplies about 2,500,000 liters of fuel to 80 tankers every day. The company has an organic and professional transport fleet with some 70 drivers, including fuel centers at the Haifa port and the Ashdod port. In Israel, Sonol is considered a major supplier of oils and professional and high-quality lubrication materials, both self-produced and imported, for automotive, industrial, marine, and aeronautic purposes. Most of the oils are produced at the company’s plants in Haifa and their production processes are certified at the highest levels in accordance with the ISO 9002 standard. Sonol's transport fleet delivers about 30 tons of oils a day for industry.