Sonol Energy for US

Sonol Energy is an Asset Management Firm that was founded in 2017 with its headquarters in Dallas Tx.
The firm was created to invest in small to mid cap companies and projects across the energy sector from renewable energy (such as wind, solar etc') through storage to convenience stores.
One focus of the firm is to bring to the U.S. market proven Israeli energy related technologies and companies.
The investment team, led by Executive chairman of the Board,
Mr David Wiessman and Managing director Mr Michael Oster, has extensive experience in energy related investments including evaluating markets, projects and technologies, developing, managing and financing domestic and international fuels, renewable energy, distribution, convenience store and other energy related ventures and companies.
Michael (Mikey) Oster, Director

Mr. Michael Oster is a senior executive in the Oil and Gas Industry. He has a track record of acquiring, structuring, developing and running refining operations and successfully driving corporate development initiatives.
While at Alon USA Energy, he served as the Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions
In that capacity, Mr. Oster was responsible for all growth opportunities of the Company and its subsidiaries and served on boards of several Alon USA companies. He served as Chairman of the Board and CEO of Altair Fuels LLC, a refiner of environmentally sustainable feedstocks for the production of jet and diesel fuels in Paramount California.
At Alon, Mr. Oster executed deals that were instrumental for the company’s growth, by initiating, structuring, negotiating and executing corporate deals with combined values in the billions of dollars.
Prior to joining Alon, Mr. Oster was a partner in Yehuda Raveh and Co., a leading law firm in Israel and specialized in commercial transactions, real estate and corporate and project finance.
Mr. Oster graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) and Undergraduate in Economics, both from Bar Ilan University in Israel.
Mr. Oster is married to Ayala and they and their 4 children live in Dallas Texas.
Mr. Oster is fluent in Hebrew, English and speaks Spanish.
Mr. Oster serves on board of directors of several non-profit organisations.

Michael Oster