Terminal & Pipelines

Haifa facilities


Sonol’s Haifa facilities are located near Haifa Port and sits on about 20 acres.

These facilities include:

  • An innovative fuel dispensing terminal that operates 18 hours a day, dispensing 2,500,000 liters a day. The fuel in the terminal is obtained from the Haifa Refinery, and supplies filling stations using tank trucks with an annual capacity of 860 cubic liters. The company’s fuel distribution system includes fuel centers in Haifa and Ashdod. It employs 70 drivers for 37 tankers. At the same time, the distribution system also has a team of external drivers with a supplementary capacity dispensed by the terminal every day.
  •  An up-to-date tank storage facility on the premises holds 26,000 cubic meters. The facility, which meets the highest standards in the sector, is used to store unleaded gasoline, diesel fuel for transportation, marine diesel fuel, oil, and heating liquids. The facility also has a set of 35 storage tanks for motor oil and other additives for a total volume of 6,640 million cubic meters.
  • The plant for mixing and packaging motor oil has a production capacity of 11,000 tons a year. The plant produces motor oil, hydraulic oil, marine oil, and water-based products such as windscreen and radiator fluids. The plant has two packing lines for oil and water-based products and six lines for filling and packing. This facilitates flexibility while working with large volumes.
  • An advanced logistics center for storing and distributing oil all over Israel. The logistics center operates 12 hours a day and is responsible for distributing 30 tons of oil a day (7,000 tons a year) to all of the company’s customers, from Metula to Eilat. The logistics center is also responsible for supplying marine oil to the ports in Haifa, Hadera, Ashdod, Ashkelon, and Eilat.