Gas stations nationwide

Sonol operates more than 230 large public filling stations, about 175 of them through the subsidiary "Sprint", as well as dozens of internal stations operated kibbutzim and moshavim. Computerized system installed at fleet fueling machine Dalkan Sonol. This system streamlines the process of its subscribers petrol station and shortens the time spent there, and gives the fleet manager control and surveillance comfortable and reliable.

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At the Sonol plants in Haifa, an oil production plant operates alongside an advanced laboratory to develop a wide range of products that meet the most advanced standards for a variety of industry branches, automotive oils, marine oils, aviation oils, assuring advanced quality control.

Additionally, Sonol distributes lubricants produced by the German company FUCHS, which is the world’s largest independent lubrication manufacturer.

The company’s marketing, service and distribution arrangement is divided between managers, marketers, salespeople, head technologist, technical engineers and managers, and a self-owned fleet of trucks and tankers for nationwide distribution.

Sonol meets and is certified by the following standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001.

Lubricants and Chemicals

Oil Additive

Sonol's oil additive, which is one of the most advanced of its kind in the world, is based on a unique nanotechnological development from the Weizmann Institute. The Nanolub® additive is manufactured by ApNano Materials and it forms a protective layer on the engine’s parts, which assists in reducing friction and decreasing wear, thus improving the engine’s performance and reducing the emission of contaminating materials.

Automotive Lubricants

The list of products in the automotive field is enriched with a variety of engine oils that meet the most advanced international standards for private vehicles and light vehicles, benzene and diesel. 

Lubricants for Agricultural Equipment

A diverse list of products, many of which are suitable for agricultural equipment, engines, hydraulics and mechanical engineering equipment.

Lubricants for Industry &  Maritime Sector

A wide range of hydraulic oils, gear oils, different oils for air, refrigerator& gas compressors, spindles, anti-slip strips, chains, jackhammers and for general lubrication. Sonol is  a leading company in the field of supplying lubrication materials for ships, tugboats, marine equipment, and more, with a local production capacity, high-quality oils and a professional arrangement for service and technical support.

Lubricating greases


A wide range of quality lubricating greases based on different kinds of thickening materials (“soap”), suitable for usage in a wide spectrum of industrial & marine equipment, automotive equipment, agricultural equipment, etc.

Complementary Products

A rich and diverse list of brake fluids, manual and automatic transmission oils for vehicles, cooling liquids, supplements, cleaning materials and hand creams.