From the CEO

Dear customers, suppliers and employees,
Since its foundation over 90 years ago, Sonol has been a leading company in the Israeli energy industry. For the past few years it has directed its efforts, with great success, to its transformation from a fuel provider to a commercial business with a focus on client needs.

We are committed to:
  • Supplying our customers with an extensive and high-quality range of products that are constantly updated.
  • Working in cooperation, transparency and complete honesty with our customers, suppliers and employees as strategic partners in establishing the company’s vision.
  • Providing an inviting and refreshing experience that contributes to and benefits the welfare of the driver, passengers and vehicle, through professional and courteous service that meets our customers’ expectations
  • Giving great service: we make sure that we are always there for our customers to provide a suitable answer for every need, every time – from refreshments and rest on the road to accessories for the car or home.
Sonol operates over 230 large public gas stations, and each offers drivers “Gold 95” – the new gasoline that improves performance, saves more money, is greener and is sold at no additional price.
Sonol operates over 194 Sogood convenience stores at our gas stations throughout the country, open 24 hours a day and offering a wide selection of convenience and basic food products, various services, and even some luxury products: quality Italian coffee, freshly-made sandwiches and pastries delivered daily, cold beverages, ATM machines, and internet services.

Whatever the day, hour, weather or mood: Sonol invites you in!

Nir Galili, CEO