Mr David Wiessman - Executive Chairman

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Mr. Wiessman, a veteran of the Israeli air force, has more than 40 years of experience in the oil and retail, industries both in Israel and the US.He is currently the controlling owner and Executive chairman of the board of directors of “Sonol”, the second leading oil company in Israel.
Wiessman is considered the leader of the oil industry reform in Israel in the early 90's. He was the founder and the driving force behind the establishment of Dor Alon Energy Ltd, Israel’s fourth largest oil company. Wiessman took Dor Alon from 0% market share and retail presence to a public company with a 20% market share .
Wiessman was the founder of Alon USA Energy Inc. (NYSE: ALJ) which merged with Delek US Holdings, Inc. in July 2017. He serves as the Chairman of Alon USA Partners (NYSE: ALDW) and is one of the major private investors of Delek US Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: DK).
Wiessman along with a partner from Dallas TX, are the founders of Gefen Capital, a Venture Capital Fund, which is a US-Israeli investment fund that targets high growth Israeli startups with disruptive technologies.
In August 2000, while serving as the President and CEO of Alon Israel Oil Co. Wiessman led Alon’s purchase of the downstream assets of TOTAL FINA, Inc., including the Big Spring Refinery, terminals, pipeline systems, and marketing operations located in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Kansas – forming Alon USA, a Dallas-based, integrated refining and marketing enterprise that operates throughout the Southwest.  As Chairman of the Board of Alon USA, he led the purchase of SCS – the biggest licensee of the 7-Eleven chain in North America.
Following its IPO, Wiessman served as the Chairman of Alon USA and today serves as the Chairman of Alon USA Partners. In July 2017 Wiessman led Alon USA (ALJ) to a merger with Delek US Holdings, Inc. (DK) to create a stronger and more diverse organization that can leverage potential synergies and present continuing growth in the future. 
Mr. Wiessman was one of the founders of Alon Israel, in 1993, and as its president & CEO from 1994 and for over 20 years, led Alon Israel from $0 revenue to approx. $12 billion revenue, operating in Israel and the US in various sectors: convenience stores, Refineries, fuel supply, natural gas fields, food and non-food retail, real estate, credit cards and mobile communications.
Wiessman led the establishment of the "Derech Eretz" consortium Cross Israel Highway, a 1.2 billion $ project to build and operate the first toll road in Israel.
Wiessman was also one of the few to recognize the feasibility of finding Natural Gas off the shores of Israel, and led the Alon Group to take part in one of the largest Upstream NG offshore projects in Israel. Partnering with Delek drilling and Nobel Energy (a Texas based company) which developed   the Tamar NG field (a 3.5 billion $ project), Israel has become Energy independent.
In 2014 Wiessman steped down as the president and CEO of Alon Israel.
and no longer holds shares in Alon Israel (shares were held by a family company).
In recognition of his many accomplishments within the Israeli business community, Mr. Wiessman was named Israel's Man of the Year for 2005. This distinguished honor, was presented to him during the annual Israel Business Conference in the presence of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance, other ministers, and top Israeli business people, including industry leaders, industrialists, economists, senior officials, politicians, and representatives of various social organizations.
In recognition of his leadership in the growth of ALON USA, Mr. Wiessman was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2007 regional Southwest Region and was a finalist for the international award.
Community Activities
Wiessman is the joint owner (50%) of a boutique winery, Tulip Winery, which was established out of great love for wine and people. The winery is located on a mountainside in Kfar Tikva ("village of hope") a small pastoral location whose population consist of people with special needs. The winery employs the members of the community and enables them to develop and realize their potential. It also offers them a business platform to integrate into the workforce just like in mainstream society.
Wiessman established the Texas – Israel chamber of commerce and the collaboration between the UT university hospital and the Rabin medical center in Israel, advancing joint medical research between the two hospitals.
Mr. Wiessman is also involved in many community activities like the Israeli philharmonic, cancer organizations and children support.