Accessibility Declaration

Gas stations nationwide

Sonol operates more than 230 large public filling stations, about 175 of them through the subsidiary "Sprint", as well as dozens of internal stations operated kibbutzim and moshavim. Computerized system installed at fleet fueling machine Dalkan Sonol. This system streamlines the process of its subscribers petrol station and shortens the time spent there, and gives the fleet manager control and surveillance comfortable and reliable.

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Accessibility Declaration

The company has operated according to the Standards Institution of Israel’s SI 5568 – “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines” level AA. This Israeli standard is similar to the guidelines of the international organization – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

It should be noted that despite our efforts to ensure that the entire website and its pages are accessible, it might be that some sections in the website are not yet adjusted accordingly. We continue in our efforts to make the website accessible as part of our commitment to enable the website and the use of to all members of society, including the disabled.

Accessories for Hearing Impairments
The Company has placed in most of the convenience stores and fueling stations accessories to support people with impaired hearing. The Inductive Loopset accessory was chosen in order to enable people with hearing impairments to hear and understand the words of the service person, while filtering background noises and acoustic interferences. The installation of the accessories, in the stores and stations of the chains, will be completed according to the timetable set by the regulator.

Parking Spaces for the Disabled
In many of the stations you will find parking spaces allocated to our clients who are disabled. The Company set up and enabled these parking spaces for the clients of all of our convenience stores and fueling stations, according to the regulations and the timetable set by the regulator.

Public Toilet
In the stations there dedicated public toilets for our disabled customers. The Company installed and enabled these public toilets and suitable accessories for the clients of all of our convenience stores and fueling stations, according to the regulations and the timetable established by the regulator. In addition, the Company has installed an alarm button in the public handicap toilet in case of emergency.

In most of the existing convenience stores there are stands accessible to the disabled which include a service counter suitable for their needs.

Gas Pumps
The customers in our stations can find company personnel that provide fueling service at no surcharge and at a price set according to the self-service. When you arrive at the station you can address one of the personnel by parking the vehicle by the gas pump and honking the vehicle horn 3 times. Our representative will approach momentarily to assist you. Another option is use the dedicated alert button on the gas pump to communicate with our personnel.
Informing all company employees
All the firm's employees were informed about the obligations of the law, emphasizing prohibition of discrimination, providing equal service in a contained environment, and the company's accessibility arrangements for clients with disabilities.

Employees Service Training
Service workers have been trained to service people with disabilities, as well as the service centers' managers.

Telephone service Centers
Our service centers are available and accessible for all our clients, including people with disabilities. The voice response is adapted and is without background music, slow paced and simple language.

Providing information in an accessible format
The company provides its customers with an option for information in accessible formats. The delivery of information is free of charge and is intended for people with disabilities. Accessibility inquiries and information can be contacted by the company's accessibility coordinator as follows.

Accessibility of gas stations – click here for a list of accessibility stations and stores


We will gladly answer any requests for further information and/or suggestions for improvement of our customer service.

Contact Us
If you have experienced any difficulty using our website or have any comment on the matter, please contact us via one of the following options:
Accessibility Coordinator: Yoram Pedel
Mail: Sonol, 6 Hagavish St., Netanya 42507
Tel. 09-8637798