Energy & Innovation

Energy & Innovation

Gas stations nationwide

Sonol operates more than 230 large public filling stations, about 175 of them through the subsidiary "Sprint", as well as dozens of internal stations operated kibbutzim and moshavim. Computerized system installed at fleet fueling machine Dalkan Sonol. This system streamlines the process of its subscribers petrol station and shortens the time spent there, and gives the fleet manager control and surveillance comfortable and reliable.

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Solar Electricity
As part of the Public Utilities Authority’s net electricity consumption arrangement, private concerns with a sufficiently large area are allowed to deploy solar panels on their roofs, generate environmentally friendly electricity, send it to the electrical grid, and accordingly receive credits from the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC).
Sonol decided to utilize the roof space in its Haifa facilities in order to turn them into a source of energy supplying the electricity consumed by the Sonol facilities in Haifa and beyond.
We attend to offer our customers the opportunity to save energy by using the system to produce clean electricity.


The global downtrend in air pollution has led to improvements in vehicles and the reduction of toxic engine emissions.
The European standards, which have also been adopted in Israel, have established the requirement for adsorption of the pollutant from the exhaust pipe in a vehicle using a Urea solution (a 32.5% solution of Urea in water).
Starting in 2007, drivers of vehicles of the Euro 4 class or higher have been required to fill a tank built into the vehicle with an Urea solution that constitutes the active ingredient for adsorption of the toxins in the vehicle’s exhaust.
Vehicles of the Euro 6 class can no longer be activated without an Urea solution in the Urea tank.

After several years of activity in this sector, Sonol decided to build a plant to manufacture urea for transportation.
The plant built in Sonol’s facilities in Haifa and produces a solution meeting the Israeli standard. The plant was established in cooperation with an Italian manufacturer and  received an AdBlue license through BASF, a European company that supplies urea.
Sonol has installed Urea dispensers at about 30 filling stations in Israel and allows drivers to refill Urea solution from a pump.
Urea is supplied in accumulators (a tanker unloads into tanks according to the requested quantities), in 1000-ton cubes, and in 10-liter containers.